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Back together after many years, this Bay Area Based powerhouse is taking California by storm. If you were gettin' on the Club Foot in the 1970's, you might remember that great San Francisco Funk n' Soul extravaganza FAT CITY. Always known as "The funkiest sounds around", FAT CITY delighted music lovers and dancers at clubs and parties across the Bay Area. Fast forward to today and find the boys from the Bay with a new name and a world of experience at their fingertips. The Big Dreamers, with a sound that's bigger and better than ever are carrying on their tradition of great live music.

Here's what people are saying....

"The band rocked! Great vocals, a good playlist of 70"s hits and they were really fun to dance to. I would love to see them at future reunions!" from Los Angeles

"I went up to the band afterwards and thanked them for the great job they did. They played for 2 hours straight without taking a break and usually didn't even stop between songs - just went from the last stanza of one song right into the first of the next one! (No wonder I was having trouble leaving the floor.)"

"And that band was killer. Five stars! I never stopped dancing." - from St. Louis, Mo

"I thought the band .... did an outstanding job. Good music selection and they performed quite well." - from Menlo Park

"The band was great. They played with enthusiasm and their period music selection kept us on the dance floor." - from Seattle

""The Big Dreamers", I thought were outstanding! ...[the] song selection took me back in time to all the great "Oldies but Goodies" and I just couldn't help myself but to dance the night away! My feet were hurting the next day...Gee, I wonder why?" - from San Antonio
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